The Unofficial International Lotusphere 2015 Photo Challenge

It’s Thursday afternoon before Lotusphere 2015 and all I can think about it how much longer it will be before I leave for Orlando.  Some of you are already there, some are in transit, and some, like me, have yet to leave.  Very soon though.

One of the fond memories I have of Lotusphere a couple of years back was sitting with some members of our community over a frosty beverage at ESPN on the Saturday before things got started.  We had a laugh because the five of us around the table were each from a different country: Australia, the US, England, South Africa and me from Canada.  I *think* someone took a picture and tweeted it out.  Whatever.  The idea that members of our small community come from the four corners of the globe just makes me warm inside.  I recall a blog post from The Turtle many many years ago that captured the same sentiment: that we are among “our people” in the Lotus World.

Then I read Andy’s blog from yesterday and couldn’t agree more that we should have some fun while we enjoy our time in Orlando.  Putting the two ideas together, I bring you the Unofficial International Lotusphere 2015 Photo Challenge!

There are two ways to play and two rules.  First, the rules:

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Post your photo (Twitter or Instagram) with the hastags: #ls15 and #ls15photo

The two ways to play are this:

  1. Take a photo with people representing as many countries as possible, or
  2. Just cram as many people as you can into a photo and post it.

You are playing for fun, and maybe some minor recognition.  Even people who aren’t there with us this year can participate of course.  Join in and let’s have some fun with it.

The photo that won’t count in the challenge is the one you will want to be in, taken by John or others, and that’s the one that happens after the closing session on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Less than 24 hours now.


I am an IT professional with over 20 years of experience. For much of that time I have worked with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, helping organizations take full advantage of the tool for building workflow collaboration solutions. I have ITIL certification and a background in project management as well. Recently I have invested in how mobile devices may be used to extend business applications outside the office, and have also been learning how to add social components to traditional business applications. Away from work, I have three daughters and recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife in Hawaii. I coach hockey, cycle, and love growing garlic and then finding new ways to use it. I added a section of herbs to my garden last year and was very happy with the result. I ride my bike each year with my wife in the Ride to Conquer Cancer to raise money for research in childhood cancers, particularly brain tumours. Our youngest daughter lost her battle with a brain tumour in 2008 and through this ride we hope to help find a way to prevent other families from experiencing what we went through and continue to live with. If I have any spare time, I like to travel, so you may see the odd photo from our family adventures here too.

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