Two Quick Memories of Tim

I’m afraid I can’t claim to call Tim my friend, but only because we ever met face to face a couple of times.  Like many people, I got to know Tim through what he shared with our community.  I read his blog, watched his videos, and occasionally interacted through Skype.  In fact, I watched the Java series he did for NotesIn9 only 2 weeks ago.  I think that’s why this has hit me harder than perhaps I would have thought.  I have his voice in my head.  I even had a quick chat with him on Skype right after I finished the third video to tell him that he totally blew my mind.  I was so happy and eager to try what he had shared.

I have two other memories of Tim I’d like to share.  The first comes from Lotusphere two years ago after I did my Spark Ideas session.  For those who were there, I struggled through it.  Later in the day we passed in the hallway and he stopped me and shared a word of encouragement.  Simple.  Nice.  Kind.

The other memory of Tim that I want to share with everyone comes from Lotusphere this past January.  We happened to cross paths in Kimonos well into the night and struck up a conversation.  Paul Withers joined us too.  During the conversation Tim shared Yubixi with me.  Most of it went over my head, but it was so cool, and I could tell he was really excited about it.  He also shared a story from his GBS days about enlightening a client about the things they could do with Domino.  It was a great story.  Toward the end of the conversation some of the people I had entered Kimonos with, and had ignored for close to an hour, had decided to leave.  I received a couple of hugs and as one of the girls who hugged me passed Tim reached out and said “I don’t know you but I want a hug too.”  Laughter.  Polite.  Spontaneous.

I wish I got to know him better.  Just from the small amount of contact I have had with him, I will miss him too.

Rest in Peace Tim


I am an IT professional with over 20 years of experience. For much of that time I have worked with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, helping organizations take full advantage of the tool for building workflow collaboration solutions. I have ITIL certification and a background in project management as well. Recently I have invested in how mobile devices may be used to extend business applications outside the office, and have also been learning how to add social components to traditional business applications. Away from work, I have three daughters and recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife in Hawaii. I coach hockey, cycle, and love growing garlic and then finding new ways to use it. I added a section of herbs to my garden last year and was very happy with the result. I ride my bike each year with my wife in the Ride to Conquer Cancer to raise money for research in childhood cancers, particularly brain tumours. Our youngest daughter lost her battle with a brain tumour in 2008 and through this ride we hope to help find a way to prevent other families from experiencing what we went through and continue to live with. If I have any spare time, I like to travel, so you may see the odd photo from our family adventures here too.

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